Cookies policy


For a better processing of this website we sometimes use small pieces of text called “cookies”. Most of the biggest websites do the same.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text that a website, when visited by a user, store on the user’s computer or mobile devices. These text cookies are then used by the same website, the next time the user visit it again, to remember the his/her preferences and previous selections (such as for example login, language, font size and display options) so that the user does not need to set them up again.e (per es. login, lingua, dimensioni dei caratteri e altre impostazioni di visualizzazione) in modo che tu non debba reinserirle quando torni sul sito o navighi da una pagina all’altra.

How we use cookies?

This website uses different kind of cookies. Some of them are installed by third parties (enlisted in the following pages) to create a profile based on the user’s browsing experience.

How to control cookies?

User can check and find out more about cookies on
User can clear cookies installed in his/her computer at any time or set up almost all kind of browsers to disable cookies. In this case user will then have to manually resettle his/her personal preferences at any successive visit of the website or some options and functions could not be available anymore

How to delete cookies

Here enlisted find all the information on how to delete cookies by using the following browsers:
Internet Explorer: